Books by Dave Mason

Hurry Up and Fail: How Success Rises from the Ashes of Failure

Hurry Up and Fail is unpacks stories of famous and not so famous failures to teach readers how to use failure as a springboard to success.

The Size of Your Dreams: A Novel that Transforms Lives

The Size of Your Dreams is more than just a novel, it provides the tools to clarify a vision for yourself and teaches the tools to reach your goals.

Teen readers have found the messages inside particularly transformational.

The Lamp of Darkness, Book 1 of The Age of Prophecy Series 

The Lamp of Darkness transports the readers back 3000 years to the epic battle between the Kings and Prophets of Israel. 

Let the world of the Bible come to life as never before.

The Key of Rain, Book 2 of The Age of Prophecy Series 

The Key of Rain continues the story of Lev as he fights to survive and understand his own path amidst the battle between the prophets and Kings of Israel.

The Cash Machine: A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence 

Can a novel change your financial destiny? 

This one can.

The Cash Machine is a novel like no other, teaching its readers financial literacy even as they engage in a page-turning story.

Chapter 01

What is my goal in taking this class?” Jarod Miller stared at the sheet in his hands, eyebrows shooting up. “What kind of math test is this?”

“I never called it a math test,” Mr. Griffin said.

Trigonometry had been a disaster ever since Mr. Higgs suffered a stroke in late September. They’d transferred as many students as possible into Mrs. Northrup’s class but had to stop when they hit the 30 student limit. During the weeks since, the school shuffled in a stream of substitutes, and most of the remaining students dropped out, leaving just four of us, all seniors. None of us knew where they dug up Mr. Griffin.

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