Hurry Up and Fail

How Success Rises from the Ashes of Failure

Dave Mason's first purely non-fiction book takes a deep dive into the topic of failure.

Through exploring stories of famous and not so famous failures, you'll learn how to intentionally construct failures in a way that can springboard you to success.


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Like Malcom Gladwell meets Brene Brown.

Beth S.

Hurry up and read this to-the-point, entertaining, and insightful book. It'll help you understand and even love your failures (and your imperfect self) as you continue on your path towards future success with the author's hard-earned life and business lessons.

Noga H.

What are you waiting for? Hurry Up and Fail!

Dave M.

Not all Failures are created equal

We all know that failure is necessary on the path to success, but few of us actively construct failures to propel us forward. Hurry Up and Fail breaks down the science of failure, showing how we can engineer failures to help us learn faster while simultaneously mitigating the downsides.

you'll learn how to:

  • Reduce Your Fear of Failure. If you're afraid to fail (as most of us are) it's extremely difficult to learn. 
  • Fail Fast, Fail Cheap. Increasing the pace of your failures while reducing the cost is a fabulous way to speed up the failure cycle.
  • Investigate and Foresee Failure. To learn from failure, you need to understand why failed. Discover how to learn from past failures and how to anticipate future failures before they even occur.
  • Build Early Warning Systems. The earlier you catch the fact you're failing and adjust course, the more you can protect your downside. 
  • And far more... 

Learn through the failure stories of:

  • Richard Branson. The eccentric billionaire has taken a unique path to success, one that allows him to protect himself against the consequences of failure.
  • Stephen King. The horror writer was not born with a gift for character or description. He developed a technique for handling his failures that depended on a nail and a spike.
  • Elon Musk. Creating the future of transportation doesn't come without its failures along the way, including one famous one with millions watching him live. 
  • Sara Blakely. At one point the youngest, self-made, female billionaire, Sara credits her success to the approach she learned for handling failure.